Barcelona, the Sagrada Família by Antoni Gaudí

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“Born in 1852 at Reus, Terragona, Antoni Gaudí i Cornet attended the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura in Barcelona, graduating in 1878. In 1884 he succeeded Francisco de Paula del Villar y Lozano as architect in charge of the Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, on which he worked uninterruptedly for the next forty years. From 1910, Gaudí gradually gave up all his other commitments to concentrate exclusively on the Sagrada Família. Run over by a tram on his way to prayers, Gaudí died on 10 June 1926. He was buried in the crypt of the Sagrada Família.”

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adminBarcelona, the Sagrada Família by Antoni Gaudí

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  1. Manuel Olmo

    Just visited this magnificent temple, and words are not enough to explain the beauty and magnitude behind the concept and every detail! Genius!

    1. Post

      i am totally jealous! it really is one of the most intriguing, creative and unworldly designs i have seen in years. what a brilliant mind! m.

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