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Chris Engman: Artist

i’m developing a large scale mirror project too. my design is extremely different but this is quite nice! m.

adminChris Engman: Artist
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Tribal DDB Office by i29 Interior Architects

beautiful design for ddb, a digital marketing agency, in amsterdam. m. “Tribal DDB Amsterdam is a highly ranked digital marketing agency and part of DDB international, worldwide one of the largest advertising offices. i29 interior architects designed their new offices for about 80 people.”

adminTribal DDB Office by i29 Interior Architects
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Georg Herold at Kunstverein Freiburg

stunning minimalist exhibit! m. Artist: Georg Herold Venue: Kunstverein Freiburg Exhibition Title: Floating Lab “Georg Herold belongs to the generation of German artists around Martin Kippenberger, Albert Oehlen and Günther Förg. A characteristic of the works of this generation consists of a sometimes succinct, sometimes ironic-moody handling of materials and topics.”

adminGeorg Herold at Kunstverein Freiburg
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Studio for Arranz Bravo by Garcés – De Seta – Bonet

as a painter, sculptor and architect; i must say this is one of the best studios i have seen. perfectly minimal! m. The new building is designed for a sole activity: creation, an introspective and solitary experience, just as the painter told us. This led us to handle the volume compactly, with a uniform exterior design –layers of insulation and …

adminStudio for Arranz Bravo by Garcés – De Seta – Bonet