Starck’s Advice to Designers: Create Fewer Useless Products

one of the tops imho! read the entire article after the jump. enjoy! m.

“Editor’s note: From hard drives to motorcycles, and from chairs to buildings, Philippe Starck has designed just about every kind of product out there. In the first of a regular series of columns, the seminal designer shares his vision on the state of design and his creative drive.”

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admin (online)Starck’s Advice to Designers: Create Fewer Useless Products

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  1. Ben Dover

    Hard to take such an advice seriously from the master of useless and easily-outfashioned products.

    1. Post

      interesting perspective. i’m not quite sure what you mean by “outfashioned” as his designs remain globally sought after and are the part of permanent museum collections the world over. they will also most certainly have there place in history, gaining as investments, as do charles and ray eames designs.

      with that being said thanks for the comment! it’s great to hear different opinions! have a terrific day!

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