Paintings: Julia Hensley, Seattle

“I paint how I see.” Julia Hensley

i am extremely pleased to introduce our next guest profile! julia hensley is a graduate of boston university and now calls seattle her home. she produces wonderfully complex and energized mixed media collages. please feel free to comment and as always thank you for being a part of the conversation. cheers! m. [repost 05.17.11]


I paint how I see.

The difference between an abstract and a representational painting is the number of clues.

An abstract painting is like a song without words.

All art is abstract.

- Julia Hensley

“Seattle painter Julia Hensley is known for her meticulously crafted and intimately scaled abstract urban landscapes. Her previous work organized the “banal chaos of urban detail” into flattened grids of carefully modulated, painted and cut paper squares and rectangles interwoven not unlike a quilt or one of Mondrian’s grids.

Julia’s latest work, the expansive and seminal piece “This Storied Heart” represents a breakthrough in her evolution of working with the grid and cubic pixilation. Moving away from strictly depicting urban scenes and external realities she is now staking new ground in the realm of the true non-objective composition.

Working in a looser and highly intuitive way, “This Storied Heart” represents a slow natural accretion of cubic pixils, color washes and elusive imagery with no contrivance by the artist during the process. The result is a collage of remarkable organic complexity that visually mirrors the vicissitudes and intricacies of life and the human heart with a photographic clarity. Demonstrating equal measures technical skill and emotional sensitivity Julia has lead us to a place unforeseen at the beginning of her latest artistic journey.”

Excerpt from the press release by John Parkinson for the show “Inspired Geometries” at Form-Space-Light Gallery in Seattle, Washington, 2008


adminPaintings: Julia Hensley, Seattle

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  1. Steph

    Love them all but really love the more subdued pieces… color wise. They lose the graphic quality of the brighter hues and become much more intriguing imho. Great work! Steph

  2. Julia

    Thank you Kevin and Steph for your kind words. Steph, your comment is very interesting to me as these started out in blacks and whites only. The color crept in gradually, but as you can see black remained a grounding component even when the colors exploded. I appreciate your opinion!

  3. Pete

    I love this work!
    Thank you once again Michael. You keep bringing top-shelf talent.
    Thank you Julia for presenting your work on what I consider one of the best sites for the avant-garde.
    Sorry Michael for the loss of the 7000+ posts but i’m enjoying it even more!
    Please keep it up my friend.

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