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  1. Jen

    Thanks for all of your inspirational posts and your portfolio stuns me with it’s diversity, excellence and attention to detail. I’m so glad we met. You are a true inspiration! Thank you for everything!
    Keep it coming!
    Sincerely, Jen

  2. Jeff in Design

    I’m sorry to hear you lost all of the previous comments with your site transfer. I’ll simply repeat one thing; You inspire a great many people on and offline and I’m grateful to have met you too. as Jen said “Keep it coming!” J.

  3. Post

    @ pablo: thanks mate!

    @ jen: thanks for such kind words and i will indeed ‘keep it coming!’ gracias!

    @ jeff: inspiring is what i strive to do so it’s great to hear that. i appreciate it deeply.

    @ genie: thanks. you’re a doll!

    @ adelina: obrigado! when i make it back to lisbon we’ll have to paint the town a nice shade of blue! elogios!

  4. Post

    Three words: Renaissance, Perfectionist & Inspirational. You are one heck of a leader in many disciplines! I look forward to collaborating soon. Dave

  5. Post

    How have I not seen this before?! Amazing work my friend! Keep it up! I actually just showed it to a friend and she wants to hire you. Should she use the contact form? Again, solid work!

  6. Post

    @ dave: thanks so much!!!

    @ markus: i sent you the link but with my site transfer maybe it was broken(?) as for your friend; yes, please use the contact form. i’m more than happy to discuss opportunities. thanks mate! have a great weekend!

  7. Steph

    Thanks Michael for your work and contributions to aesthetics across so many disciplines. It makes me think of one quote “God is in the details”. You’re work across so many mediums is quite unheard of these days. I commend you for that. As many said before, keep up the hard work! Steph

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    thanks so much steph! i intend to just that! it is who i am and what i do. i have no intentions of ever retiring from my ambitions and they tend to grow each day. stay tuned. i have a lot of great things in the pipeline! thank you!

  9. Amy

    I have followed the many permutations of your site and it gets better each time! Thank you so much for not staying static. Instead you continually forward your web presence keeping it an evolution of ideas, imagery and content. Please keep doing what you do. It’s my NY Times of design. Thank you. Amy

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  11. Nicholas Vitale

    Michael’s work is exceptional on several levels, design, artistic merit and a sophistication of relationships between the creative and the material elements. His expression of technical prowess exudes a calm sense of balance that will no doubt become the hallmark of the future. Great work Michael.

  12. admin

    @ badini: thanks for the wonderful comment! and yes inspiration is the key!

    @ joshua: my pleasure mate! so happy to hear that! have a great day!

    @ nicholas: wow! that made my day and so eloquently written. gracias!!

    1. Post

      gracias! i try to perfect each and every medium i work with but to answer your question, i need to join up with friends in michigan and finally work with glass. i think that’s the last medium ;) cheers!

  13. grahamcowen

    This is all truly outstanding work, my friend, and all the more incredible for the fact that it’s all created by a single creative talent!

    An amazing talent!

    Keep up the good work … :)

    1. Post

      thanks so much graham! i really appreciate it! i love working with many mediums and look forward to continuing the process of bouncing one against the other. again, thank you!

  14. Post

    I just ran across your site on twitter. I must say the diversity in your portfolio is astounding. I look forward to seeing your upcoming steel series. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration to many.

    1. Post

      gracias! it’s been a wonderful, lifelong journey and i intend to keep pushing it in every direction possible! thanks again! m.

  15. Kris

    Terrific, diverse portfolio! Give yourself a pat on the back. Best of Luck and I love your site too! Kris

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      thanks so much for the compliment! i love working with many mediums. they tend to play off each-other and open new doorways to unknown possibilities. cheers! m.

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    J. Thomas

    I love all of your website designs and really love the fact you keep pushing it. This one is like nothing I have seen on the web. Also, your portfolio is something to be extremely proud of. The diversity blows my mind! Keep up the great work! J.

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  18. Post
    Mark TGI

    Good evening.

    Your site and work came highly recommended from a close friend and I have to say, wow! I came here expecting the usual but it is quite impressive. How did you learn so many diverse mediums?

    I am sending you an email after this. I have numerous projects that need your touch!

    By the way, it was a friend at an architecture firm in LA that recommended you. She said you interviewed there but turned down the offer. They spoke extremely highly of you. Have you worked in LA?

    I look forward to meeting you and/or speaking with you soon. Thank you.

    Sincerely, Mark TGI

    1. Post

      it’s a pleasure to meet you mark and thanks so much for the kind words! i just received your email and will respond asap. as for the many mediums… i love creating in as many mediums as possible. i find each medium and/or discipline opens a new path that was previously unseen. i really appreciate your comment and look forward to speaking with you soon! kindest regards. michael.

  19. vinamist

    I am a daily visitor to your site and always impressed with the vast amount of information in design/architecture/art ideas you share.

    Recently twitter added a new header to the face page. Your new twitter header design is created so simply yet with a unique twist. Modifying your photo image creates such great symmetry with your existing blue avatar. Your new header design truly completes your overall image. Quite impressive!

    Your ability to create with such a vast range of mediums, so minimal, yet so complex at the same time is mind blowing. Everyone who comes to know you and work with you are so very fortunate to have attained your talents to touch their projects and their lives.

    Cheers! Teia

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