Genie Bae: Architect, Chicago

i’m happy to introduce a great friend hailing from seoul and now calls the great city of chicago home. not only is she a great architect but has quite the silver tongue as a writer too. you have the floor genie! let it rip!
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The Minimalists, Ohio

i’m beginning a new section on bvs called ‘guest writers’. this section will spotlight the best writers, across many disciplines, i feel our global readers will find of interest. this will be directly from the artist, studio etc. unedited! so let’s get this going! first up ‘the minimalists’. thank you for your time joshua and ryan! you have the stage! kind regards. m.
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Ben Brace: Landscape Architect, Australia

i’m proud to introduce a terrific post by a bright, young landscape architect. he hails from the uk but lives in australia. an edgy and thought provoking article exploring the illicit act of guerrilla gardening reawakening dormant and “program-less” spaces within the urban matrix.
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