Paintings: Julia Hensley, Seattle

i am extremely pleased to introduce our next guest profile! julia hensley is a graduate of boston university and now calls seattle her home. she produces wonderfully complex and energized mixed media collages. please feel free to comment and as always thank you for being a part of the conversation. cheers! m. [repost 05.17.11]
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The V100 Modbox: Vincenz Saccento

i’m quite excited about this next profile as i believe it to be at the forefront of prefab innovation. the attention to detail, construction methods, materials and overall design is unparalleled. i’ll exit stage left so you can enjoy their profile. cheers! m. [repost 03.03.11]
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Photography: Jaclyn Turner, Kansas

it is my pleasure to introduce the next guest profile! she hails from kansas but proudly calls montreal her new home! please welcome jaclyn into the fold. some amazing shots of the city i miss the most… new york. the best city on earth! thank you jaclyn! kindest regards. m.
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Totement / Paper: Architects, Russia

i am extremely pleased to introduce our next ‘guest profile’! totement/paper is a young russian firm, created in 2006, which has been on a terrific streak culminating with one of the best pavilions at the shanghai expo 2010. thank you levon ayrapetov and valeria preobrazhenskaya for your interest in bvs showcasing some of your stellar projects. let’s get this going and let the work speak for itself! enjoy! m. [repost 01.16.11]
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Malene Landgreen: Artist, Copenhagen

here we go! the newest section ‘guest profile’ is ready for your viewing pleasure! please welcome malene landgreen, hailing from copenhagen & berlin. please feel free to comment! i hope we have yet another successful, lively and intellectual conversation as we did with the minimalists in our first profile. thank you malene! you have the floor! m.
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