Robert Rauschenberg Retrospective: The Tate Modern London

having seen his retrospective years ago, i can not recommend it more. please take advantage of this special moment in time. m.
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Video – Stone Age Installation by Vincent Leroy

fantastic kinetic installation by the paris based artist. m.
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Forms by Tony Smith at Matthew Marks Gallery NYC

one of the strongest minimalist sculptors. if you get the opportunity to see his retrospective – don’t miss it! m.
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Aluminum Plane by Frederic Geurts

a bit of an homage to richard serra imho but it does have it’s own statement/form-factor. sharp work! m.
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Non-Sign II, Washington by Lead Pencil Studio

loving this project! great work in concept, message & execution. m.
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Gerhard Richter: “Our times are so unquiet”

sharp series as usual – terrific minimalist works. m.
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Looking back at The Top 15 Tate Modern moments

some fantastic exhibits over the years – love the tate! m.
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